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Iran to launch first feline into space in 50 years, all hail Space Cat

space cat [1]

From the land of Persia comes a new feline hero of the modern age. Its name is Space Cat, and it will be the first feline to wander in space in nearly 50 years. From what we understand, this isn’t the first animal Iran has blasted off into space and it likely won’t be the last; the country has already sent a mouse, a turtle, a monkey, and some worms. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Iran sent a bunch of worms into space, how exciting.

So, what’s the point of Iran sending a cat into space you wonder? Well, these tests are for the purpose of one day Iran sending humans into space. Furthermore, Iran wants to add its own satellites in space to help track weather patterns, along with a satellite to help with military surveillance. We’re sure other countries are keeping a close eye on these activities, but hopefully no one attempts to harm Space Cat on its mission to immortality.

Iran plans to send Space Cat into realms unknown by the end of the country’s fiscal year, which ends on March 21, 2014. Sadly, Iran might not have a live feed for the world to show its support for Space Cat, a true feline hero with powers beyond our imagination.

By the way, ex-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he wants to be the first Iranian astronaut. Well, this should be fun to watch, if and when it ever happens. Or not watch — at the rate these sanctions are going, soon we may not be able to even view Iranian TV. I jest, of course… I think.

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