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RC helicopter that folds into its own controller costs just $24.58

rc helicopter [1]

Here’s something cool, a RC helicopter that is capable of folding into its own controller; how fricking awesome is that? Probably not that awesome to be honest, but it’s still cool. The great thing about this RC helicopter is how users have the option to carry it anywhere without much if any fuss at all, and that’s something we wall want.

The company behind this copter is called Docooler, and these guys have just surpassed every RC helicopter manufacturer with this new and exciting design. This clever design allows you to fold the RC copter, then place it directly into the controller used to fly it around. From there, you can bring this bad boy to the park, or even to another country without having to worry about bulk.

While the design is pretty decent, everything else unfortunately, is standard compared to other RC helicopters out there. The controller holds four AA batteries, which are also used to charge the helicopter. It takes around 40 minutes or more to charge, sadly you’ll only begetting 6 to 8 minutes of flight on a single charge.

Suddenly this RC helicopter is not looking so great anymore. I mean, 40 minutes charge for just a mere 8 minutes worth of flight? No way sir, we’re not that crazy.

If for some strange reason you still want to own what is called the Mini 3.5 CH Folding Ultralight Infrared RC Helicopter, it’s available on Amazon for $24.58 [2], which is not too bad of a price.