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You can use your nipples, toes or cat to unlock your iPhone 5s

iphone5snipple [1]

One of the defining features of Apple’s latest iPhone is its fingerprint sensor. You can save up to five fingerprints that can be used to unlock your phone or pay for your purchases on Apple’s stores in lieu of a password. But what if you don’t want to conform with the status quo? What if you don’t want to use your fingers, but another more inaccessible body part instead?

The good news is that you can. RocketNews24 has thoroughly verified that in addition to being able to use your toes, you can also save and then use your nipples to unlock your phone:

TechCrunch on the other hand has another method that should prove to be even more accessible — the paws of your cat:

With the ability to use your fingers, toes, nipples or even cat, this is undoubtedly the most secure smartphone available today.

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