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Samsung launches gold versions of Galaxy S4 to counter Apple’s iPhone 5s

samsung galaxy s4 gold edtition [1]

Forget about cyan and pink, gold is the new must have color for any smartphone these days. After Apple had come out swinging with its golden iPhone 5s, the world took notice and before long, the device has become one of the most wanted. Seeing this, Samsung has chosen to enter the game with a golden version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung calls this device the gold edition Galaxy S4. Now, there are two options to be had here; gold brown or gold pink, which Sammy is already showing off in its social media outlets for the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it is not yet certain if these golden Galaxy S4 devices will ever be distributed on a global scale, so folks who are interested might have to import when they become available.

We’re not sure what to make of Samsung’s entrance into gold since we have little detail about the handsets. For example, we’re not sure if the gold edition Galaxy S4’s are plastic or metal, we say this because Samsung is notorious for developing plastic high-end devices.

In the coming months or a year from now, it is possible all the hipsters will be sporting a golden smartphone of some sort. For us ordinary people, let’s hope this doesn’t become a worldwide trend.

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