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[Android] Reaper is an enjoyable action RPG with touch based controls

Reaper Title screen [1]It’s no secret that I love video games. Heck, I even had a big hand in developing one. So, it makes sense that I also love to play games on my tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, I don’t cover Android games very often because I’m of mind that a lot of them just aren’t worth their weight. Sure, there are some titles out there that offer a decent amount of content for your money, but mobile games are something of a mess. That being said, when I do cover a game here at Dottech that generally means I found it to be very good. Reaper is one such game that borrows elements from many hack and slash, action RPG titles and mixes them with responsive touch based gameplay mechanics.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Reaper free version [2]At its core, Reaper is a mobile game like any other. You tap the screen to move your character and you use swipe gestures to activate various skills and attacks. At first glance it might even appear to be a cute little platformer. Deep down though, it’s a fantasy based game that relies heavily on some unique RPG and customization based mechanics. With your avatar you move around a world map, interact with colorful characters and can even shop for new weapons and armor. Once you enter a level though, it’s a whole different story. The controls are perfectly optimized for touchscreen devices and while they are pretty simple, the gameplay itself is not.




Reaper premium version [4]The first thing you should be aware of is that in the free version, you can only advance your character to level 10. You can continue playing after you reach that level cap, however you cannot advance your avatar any farther. You can unlock the full game by purchasing any of the premium packages offered. We’ll get to those later, the most expensive is $4.99 and the cheapest is $2.99. Keep in mind, this game is not pay to play in the sense that you need to make IAP to beat it. The premium version just removes the level cap and allows you to enjoy the game to its full extent. No functionality has been removed in the free version, and you can experience the full game. There are no advertisements either, which I found to be extremely promising. No one likes ads.

Reaper quest [5]You control a character rightfully named the Black Swordsman as you travel a mysterious land in search for… well, I don’t really know. The game itself is pretty much separated into two portions, the world map and related management menus, and then the levels. While you’re not slicing away at baddies in the different levels and environments, you’re spending your time moving around the world map. This is where you receive quests, can shop for new equipment, or advance the story. Along the way you’ll meet a handful of colorful characters.

Generally, the quest you need to complete involve escorting an individual between locations on the map or dispatching a group of enemies. No matter what quest you have, there’s always a chance you will encounter a random battle while traveling the map.

Reaper world map event [6]Any enemy encounter, or quest marker will bring you to a level. Levels include enemies, environmental objects and chests filled with gold. To beat a level you just have to kill all the enemies.

The controls are actually pretty great, and I usually loathe touch controls. All you have to do is move left or right on the screen, and the controls for that are placed down in the bottom left corner. You can tap anywhere on the screen to jump, and tap again to double jump. While you’re in the air, you can double tap to perform a unique aerial spin attack. For the most past, auto attacks happen when you move towards an enemy. You can also use power attacks with gestures. For example, you can slam the ground  near your enemies by swiping down when you’re in the air.

Reaper gameplay [7]While playing you earn gold and experience. The gold can be used to purchase items and equipment, and the experience directly affects your level. Every time you gain a level you can choose from three different tarot cards which offer boost or perks to your abilities.

As I already said, when you reach level 10 in the free version you’re capped out. You cannot not advance any further unless you purchase one of the premium versions. There are three, each offering varying content. The cheapest at $2.99 just unlocks the full game, while the most expensive bundle at $4.99 unlocks a new game mode and several advanced armor packages.

There’s loads of content, and the RPG-like mechanics offer a lot of filler to an otherwise simple game. In my personal opinion is filled with all the necessary amounts of right. The RPG mechanics add customization, the world map makes it feel like there’s plenty of content, and the gameplay mechanics are simple yet fun. I purchased the full version for myself after reaching the level cap, and genuinely feel it was worth the cost.

Conclusion and download link

Reaper level up tarot cards [8]Reaper is an Android game that mixes a lot of different elements. At its core it’s more like a hack and slash action platformer, yet it borrows a lot of different features from modern RPGs. You essentially travel a world map completing quests and objectives, which require you to slay baddies in endless droves. There’s plenty of customization, and the gameplay mechanics are simple yet fun. Personally, I enjoy the simplistic nature of the controls which has you moving left, right, jumping and attacking in a fluid manner. You can play until level 10 in the free version, after which your advancement is capped. Purchasing any of the premium packages nets you the full game, and usually a couple extra content bundles. Better yet, there are no advertisements whatsoever even in the free variant. I definitely recommend checking this game out.

Price: Free, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99

Version reviewed: 1.2.2

Requires: Android 4.0 and up

Download size: 28MB

Reaper on Play Store [9]