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This aluminum lunch box comes with its own cutting board

lunch box [1]

Usually when you’re running late for work, there’s no time to cut slice your lunch and neatly tuck it away in your lunch box; that’s why this piece of aluminum exists. What we have here is an aluminum lunch box with its own cutting board lid; is this awesome or what dude? We “or what.”

In all honesty, this aluminum lunch box is something all men need, especially when they don’t have a female companion or if the female companion is against making sandwiches. Hey, there’s a woman who is currently on a mission to make 300 sandwiches [2] for her man with the promise that he’ll marry her after; what a woman.

Now, this lunch box is straight from the folks at Black + Blum, so you know it’s quality built from the inside out. The design as stated above is all aluminum, however, the cover plus cutting board is made from bamboo. Furthermore, there’s a silicon seal and elastic strap to keep the contents sealed in without flipping out while in transit.

Everything here will cost you a decent $28. Bear in mind though, it doesn’t come with a knife, you’ll need to purchase that separately if you lack one at home.

Might dotTech just send this as a gift to Ashraf? Because who knows, he may need it.

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