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Beware of ObamaCare phishing scams, says McAfee

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Anti-virus software creator, McAfee, has come out with a warning to computer users to beware of phishing attacks by hackers who want to take advantage of the rollout of ObamaCare exchanges. Phishing attacks is one of the most dangerous things on the Internet. If you’re not careful, hackers may get a hold of your personal information such as credit card numbers or your social security number.

Remember, your identity is valuable so take that into consideration as you search for information regarding the new health care exchanges. During this time, hackers know a lot of people are willing to reveal their personal information, and they will be doing everything within their power to trick you into spitting it out.

“I can say with a high degree of certainty that they will come. We live in a world where people look at compelling events and look to do something malicious. This is just the nature of the beast,” according to Gary Davis, vice president of global consumer marketing at McAfee.

The main reason behind a potential phishing attack has to do with the ObamaCare and the Affordable Healthcare Act websites going down. Hacker will likely take this opportunity to formulate fake websites to collect your data.

“They’re getting very good at what they do. It’s important that consumers take a cautionary note before they do anything. Step back and explore a way to verify this is legitimate and the source,” said Davis

Be smart folks and look out for illegal activity as the weeks pass by.

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