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Google testing sign in page for Chrome

chrome_signin [1]

Google has begun testing a new “Sign Into Chrome” prompt whenever a user signs into his/her Gmail account using the Chrome browser. The sign in prompt will only show up if the user is not already signed into Chrome.

So far we understand that not everyone at this point is seeing the sign in prompt. Still, the prompt only shows up a few times per account, so it’s nothing to worry about unless you’re super paranoid. The problem though is that when the user enters their user credentials, they are taken to an intermediary page that prompts to sign into Chrome instead of Gmail.

Now, if users are attempting to sign into their Gmail account, Google should not force them to sign into Chrome. Furthermore, the Chrome sign in page has an advanced button, if you click it, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up that kicks off the Google synchronization process without prior warning.

Take a close look at the sign in page, and you’ll realize the first button is blue. No doubt some users won’t think twice before signing in after seeing this button.

Hey, there’s a slight silver lining in all of this. You see; there’s the option to hit an undo button, but it won’t work completely if you’ve clicked on the blue sign in button beforehand.

Note that whenever you sign into your Google account via Chrome, you’re giving Google your personal information. Many internet users don’t know this, and Google does nothing to inform them, which is quite unfortunate.

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