Block TV and sport spoilers on social networks with with Spoiler Shield


If you play a lot of video games or watch a lot of movies and TV shows, then you would have most likely come across this one person on the Internet who sets out to spoil things for everyone. Well guess what? You now have the power to block every spoiler related comment from such persons. This new service is called Spoiler Shield, and it is basically a social media app that also protects the user from spoilers.

At the moment, the app works easily with Twitter and Facebook, so if you’re on another social network such as Google Plus, you’re out of luck. In order to get Spoiler Shield working, users must first sign into their account and allow access to their Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. One this is done, users will be asked to choose from a list of TV shows and Sports, which would allow Spoiler Shield to do its job more effectively.

To block spoilers, the app will automatically look for relevant keywords and take out any potential spoiler posts from your news feed. This could be the winning formula to rid social media of the annoying Game of Thrones book readers who set out on a daily basis to tell us non-book readers what will happen from what will not happen. Let’s face it, we all knew of the Red Wedding long before it happened, don’t pretend you didn’t know this.

The app is currently available free for iOS and Android. Nothing yet for Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 users.

[via Spoiler Shield]

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