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36 hotkeys that work on Windows, to help increase productivity [Tip]

With lots of keyboard shortcuts on Windows, it’s usually hard for anyone to remember even half of them. Today we are taking our time to provide you with a list of 36 hotkeys which will definitely help you. It will especially help people who work with their computer daily or spend an enormous amount of time typing or using the keyboard (aka everyone). Using different combinations of shortcut keys not only makes your work easier but increases productivity and efficiency.

That said, here we go…


Most all of the hotkeys listed here work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. However, some hotkeys only work on later versions on Windows (e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 8) because the features triggered by those hotkeys are not found in earlier versions of Windows.

36 Windows Hotkeys

CTRL hotkeys

Windows key hotkeys

taskbar [1]

taskbar-jump-list [2]

taskbar-win-t [3]

download [4]

Hotkeys for browsers (note: some hotkeys may vary from browser to browser)

Other hotkeys


Know any hotkeys we didn’t mention above? Have some favorite ones? Let us know in the comments below [5]!