Move lockscreen notifications to a hidden page with MultiLS Cydia tweak [Tip]


MultiLS is a new tweak released on Cydia and supports iOS 6 devices only. This tweak completely hides all the notifications on your lock screen. Additionally the great benefit of this tweak is the added privacy it provides. Considering iOS’s message preview feature which shows a short preview of the message you received, MultiLS will hide the notification thus no one can see any message you receive.

MultiLS moves your notifications to a completely different lockscreen which can be accessed by swiping the main lockscreen to the left. When you receive a message or tweet, a blue glowing bar will appear on the right side of your screen indicating that you have received a notification. By swiping your lockscreen to the left, you will be taken to a new lockscreen with a list of the notifications you received. Hide it by swiping back to the right or pressing the home button. Additionally there is a timer that hides the list in 15 seconds to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

You can download MultiLS from BigBoss repo for $0.99 and works on all iOS 6 devices. Once you download the tweak , you will have to respring your device. It doesn’t have any settings to enable/disable the tweak. The only downside of this tweak which I can think of is the lack of ability to be able to configure which notifications you’d like to be moved to a different page.

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