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Not to be outdone by Sony’s SmartWig, Microsoft is researching SmartBra

smartbra [1]

When Google joked that the wearable technology space heating up, I’m sure they didn’t see this coming. Shortly after news got out that Sony was researching a seemingly ridiculous smart wig [2], Microsoft is following that up with something equally if not more ridiculous. A smart bra. To stop you from over-eating when you’re emotional.

Microsoft’s visualization and interaction research group have come up with a bra that can detect its users emotions using a variety of sensors. The smart bra is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, electrocardiogram, and  electro-dermal sensors. Unsurprisingly, those sensors have resulted in a device that needs be charged every three to four hours. Who wants to charge their bra that often, am I right?

Using the data that it collected, the smart bra would then communicate with a smartphone app so that it could highlight when “emotional eating” might occur. The reason why they chose to go with a bra is because the proximity to the heart allowed them to collect EKG. A similar underwear system was also prototyped for men, but it didn’t work as well due to the sensors being too far away from the heart.

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