The best mail app on iOS, Mailbox, just added support for Yahoo, iCloud and more


Mailbox, an iOS app that I rated very highly in my review on dotTech, has received one of its most important updates today. When the app was first released, it only supported Gmail accounts. Gmail’s user base is certainly substantial, but based on the number of complaints during launch, many were left out. In an announcement on their blog, Mailbox has announced support for Yahoo, iCloud, and accounts. The Dropbox-owned company also says that they’re still working on even more platforms, so stay tuned if you can’t use it quite yet.

If you own one an iOS device and use one of the supported services, and for some reason haven’t heard of Mailbox, check out my review. It’s a highly-polished app with a very efficient way of handling email. You can download it for free on iTunes.

[via Mailbox]

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