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Ask dotTechies: What operating system do you use the most?

More often than not, when the subject of operating systems comes up, a war starts between Windows, Linux, and Mac fans. However, what does not hit the headlines quite as often is the fact that there is a huge spread amongst Windows users, in terms of what Windows version is being used. Indeed at my most recent job, it was very shocking to see that most of the computers in the building(s) were running Microsoft Windows 2000, even though – at the time – the Windows series was up to Vista. So now I am curious – what operating systems do most dotTechies use?

NOTE1: I understand that some of the choices below many have different “editions” (i.e. Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional). If your specific edition is not listed, just select the version that you use (i.e. Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional users select Windows XP).

NOTE2: This poll is intended for the operating system of your computer – not your phone or other device.

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If you have any questions, comments, or whatever, feel free to post below in the comments.