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Obama considers making it easier to hire tech talent, to avoid Healthcare.gov-like fail

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After the less than stellar launch of the Healthcare.gov website, President Barack Obama and his administration are contemplating their hiring guidelines when it comes to specialists in the tech industry. They are even thinking about creating a federal unit which will specialize in big technology projects.

The chorus of problems that the website for the Affordable Health Care Act suffered definitely highlighted a definite void of concentrated technological talent within the American government and this new unit will seek to address upcoming situations.

“We don’t have enough people inside of government to make good sound technology decisions,” said Clay Johnson, who was an innovative fellow for the White House.

There is no solid plan as of yet, but several ideas are being thrown around. One of which would be to significantly alter the hiring process that the government uses to be more accommodating to the general hiring standards of the tech industry. Right now hiring is done by the Office of Personnel Management, which uses a long process, meanwhile in the tech industry job searches are much faster.

“Two weeks at the most. It’s what you’ve got to do. These people, especially now in the technology field, they’ve got a lot of options,” Robert Small, who works for Carroll Technology Services, which a firm that specializes in recruiting IT workers, said. He added that its very common for offers to be made in the private sector after just a single interview.

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