SPTouch for iOS imitates a press of home/power button [Tip, Jailbreak]

IMG_2763One of the many problems that iPhone users face is a broken home button which is annoying . I faced the same problem with my iPhone 4 and I had to press the home button hard enough for it to work . However the assistive touch option available in settings comes in real handy in such situations but it’s not the perfect solution .

This is where jailbreaking comes into action to overcome your hardware problems . SPTouch is a new tweak released in Cydia that offers to act like a virtual home button . Upong installing SPTouch , a new small button will appear on your home screen which you can move around just like the assistive touch .

Tapping on the button will imitate a press of the Home button . Double tap to launch the app switcher and triple tap to lock the device . When installed , SPTouch will appear in the settings menu with a range of settings to make . You can scroll the bar to adjust the size of the button , set the opacity as well as select the color of the button .

If you have a broken home or lock button , SPTouch is a must have jailbreak tweak which is much cheaper than fitting a new home or lock button . Although assistive touch offers to act like a virtual home button as well , SPTouch is much easier and less obstrusive than assistive touch plus it allows you to lock your device or launch the app switcher as well .

SpTouch is available in Cydia for free and works on all iPhone , iPod , iPad running iOS 7 .

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