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Get 3 paid Android apps for free for a limited time [Jan 20 2014]

There are many apps in the Google Play Store that drop their prices to free everyday. Finding only the best to download is the hard part. I searched through the many freebies and picked out the best apps for you to download. Hand picked and free for a limited time, what could be better! Note : Click the title of the app to download it .


The featured freebie is “The Best” app from today’s pick. If you had one app to download, this would be it!

ConZentrate (Amazon Link) [1]

Screenshot_2 [2]ConZentrate helps to improve the focus of the mind. Conzentration app makes it
a fun event by setting goals that you can achieve and at the same time allowing you improve your concentration. The result of every goal is to unlock a background or a ball or a background music.
The original name for this technique is called as Trataka in Sanskrit.
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras mentions this as “Ekatattva Abhayasa”. It means the practise of One reality. Trataka is the
fixing of one’s gaze, either externally or internally, on a point of attention. Together with this process,
a breathing exercise may have to be practiced to calm the disturbances in the mind.
More on Trataka Meditation can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trataka.

Benefits of Trataka or ConZentrate are
– Improves concentration, memory and mental power
– Some cases have shown to give spiritual powers
– Reduces stress and tension
– Improves motiviation power and foresight

The best way to use the app is
Focus on the moving ball and/or the sound of Om in the background.
Let your breath relax as you are doing the above step.
Once the mind is calmer then try focusing on the center Om or the dot.

Rating : 4.5/5

Apps For Free

1. Voxel Rush: Free Racing Game [3]

Voxel Rush is an endless distance game where you have to race through different landscapes, avoid obstacles and survive for as long as you can . As you proceed, your speed keeps on increasing and the game becomes more challenging. Today you’ll get 20 Cash Doublers and 20 Experience Doublers, worth $4.76, for FREE!

To unlock bonus > Menu > Store > Redeem Code > appgratis

Rating : 4/5

2. AndroBlip [4]

Much like instagram, you can share your photos with the whole world to see on AndroBlip. You can check out photos posted by other users as well as receive or post a comment .

Rating : 3.5/5

Hurry and download these free apps before they go back to paid. Take note at the time of this post all of the above promotions are live. However, please note some or all of the above apps may only be available for free for a limited time. So jump on these while you can and always double check to make sure you are not paying for a freebie app before downloading. dotTech and its writers are not responsible for accidental purchases due to price changes. Enjoy!