Arrange your icons anywhere on your homescreen with GridLock 2 [Tip, Jailbreak]

IMG_2775iOS prevents users from moving their applications to random positions on the homescreen . The icons can only be placed in a linear manner . However you can make use of blank icons to place the icons the way you desire . But you no longer need to do this because the popular jailbreak tweak namely GridLock 2 was updated recently to support all iOS 7  devices including 64-bit devices .

With GridLock , users can easily arrange their app icons anywhere on a grid on the homescreen without having to place them in a linear manner . Once you install GridLock 2 , no setting is required. All you have to do is to hold an app until it starts to jiggle and then move it anywhere on the homescreen . GridLock is a very popular tweak among themers as it allows them to make space for widgets .

With GridLock , you no longer need to make use of blank icons with ugly shadows or other ways to create a blank space between your app icons .

The new version of GridLock is available in Cydia as a free-to-update for those who owned the previous versions . If you never owned GridLock 2 then you can purchase it in Cydia for $4.99 . It supports all devices from iOS 7 all the way down to iOS 3.X.

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