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Hackers steal 16 million email addresses and passwords in Germany

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Hackers have infected computers in Germany and managed to gain email account information on 16 million users.

This information comes from Germany’s Federal Office for Security (FOS), and the information stolen includes the actual email address as well the passwords to them. They have set up a website [2] for those in Germany to check to see if their email account has been compromised. If the email address has been hacked then the website will send you a message letting you know.

“If that happens, then your computer is most likely infected with malware,” Tim Griese, who works for the FOS, said to DPA, a news agency.

The hackers have not been found yet and FOS have not released the details on how they managed to infect the computers of what amounts to around 20% of Germany’s population. It also isn’t known if this has spread past Germany, but most of the emails do end in .de, so it seems like they were the main target.

[via BBC News [3], DW [4], image via HackNY’s flickr [5]]