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How to automatically enter file or folder location in command prompt on Windows and Mac [Tip]

Today we have a quick trick for you that will come in handy many times. Did you know that you can enter a file’s or folder’s location (local URL patch) automatically into a command prompt without having to type it in manually? Read on to learn more.

The tip is, you can simply drag and drop files and folders to the command prompt to enter the file path automatically. In this way, the file locations is automatically entered so you don’t have to type in the exact file location or open folders to find the the file

It works both on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, etc.) as well as Mac (all versions). A simple drag and drop saves your time by automatically entering the path in the command prompt.

img_52e8720576e7d [1]

img_52e8722588266 [2]

This method works exactly the same way on Mac also. Just drag and drop the file and you’ll see the full file path.

img_52e872fd43a51 [3]

That’s all folks. This is quite a useful trick that will come in handy in many situations and of course saves your time to manually locate a file and enter its location.