Smartwatch GPS will get better with new Broadcom SoC

Galaxy Gear-006-Set1 Front_Six

Smartwatches are about to get even smarter, as Broadcom is working on a new chip that will bring GPS to these devices without significantly killing the battery. Not only would this chip be less power hungry, it would also be more accurate than before, which has a lot to do with its 40 nanometer design and an all new sensor in the package. Furthermore, the chip is even much cheaper than its predecessor, so future smartwatch devices should implode in the price department.

The official name of the chip is the Broadcom BCM4771 GNSS SoC, and it should feature at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that begins next week.

“Today’s wearables like fitness trackers have surged in popularity, but often miscalculate speed and distance,” said Mohamed Awad, Broadcom Director, Marketing, Mobile and Wireless Group. “As the largest supplier of discrete GNSS solutions, Broadcom brings its location expertise to deliver more precise fitness and health measurements to the accelerating wearable market.”

As the wearable market increases in popularity, users will expect more from their smartwatch or smart glass device. However, in the same breath they will also expect the battery life to last more than a measly 1 hour, as short battery life benefits no one.

One should expect the next round of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches and the rumored Apple fitness watch, to have the Broadcom BCM4771 GNSS SoC installed.

[via BizJournal]

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