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Archival Disc is a new long-term storage disk capable of saving 1TB of data

archivaldisc [1]

Sony and Panasonic have announced the new Archival Disc format. The format puts Blu-ray to shame, with the ability to store between 300GB to 1TB per disc.

But unlike previous generation formats, the companies are promising¬†“inter-generational compatibility.” If they’re successful, we could see Archival Disc being used for a very long time, since the standard can grow to store more memory while theoretically keeping all the hardware required usable. The Archival Disc is meant for professional use, though with the advent of 4K content it wouldn’t be surprising to see it in a consumer form eventually.

300GB discs are scheduled to arrive in Summer 2015, with constant improvements thereafter to support 1TB discs somewhere down the line.

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