How to export or download all your Instagram photos [Guide]

Instagram is quite possibly the most interesting social network around. The site allows you to take pictures to share with your friends. However, not everything about it is great. For instance, it’s nearly impossible to download pictures directly from Instagram (even your own).

Before We Begin

For the purposes of this guide, we will be using a free service called uses Instagram’s OAuth feature, so entering your password isn’t necessary.

Note:’s export may take a while.

How to export or download all your Instagram photos

Exporting your entire Instagram library is extremely simple, but may take a while. Simply go to, sign into your Instagram account, choose your export/download options and begin the exporting/downloading process.

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Instagram is a great service, but the fact that it’s so limiting in its features is discouraging. Instaport is a welcomed tool for hardcore Instagram fans. Enjoy!

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