How to browse websites using hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) [Guide]

Looking for a new way to browse? Then look no further than gleeBox! That’s an innovative Chrome, Safari and Firefox browser extension with which you can surf the Web with keyboard shortcuts.

Check out the gleeBox website, which includes further details for the extension, and click on one of the browser download options for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. That should open a gleeBox extension page where you click + Free to add it to your browser.

Then you can browse by inputting keyboard commands. Open a website with the browser you added the extension to, and press g to open the text box  in the shot below. It is there that you input the keyboard shortcuts to open websites.


There’s a couple of ways that you can open sites with this text box. Firstly, you can enter the site’s URL much the same as you would in a browser address bar. To open links included on the page opened within the browser, you should input the link’s anchor text instead. For example, to open the gleeBox website link above you enter the gleeBox website anchor text in the box and press return. In the shot below Chrome is entered to open the Chrome link which is highlighted green.


You can search for websites by entering a dot (.) into the box. Input a keyword into the box much the same as a search box and press return. The Google search page should then open with websites/pages matching the keyword you entered.

gleebox 3

In addition, you can browse to certain parts of a page based on their HTML code. Input ?h to highlight all the page headings, and ?? to switch to the next text box. Entering ?img switches to the next image as in the shot below (the selected image is highlighted green), and pressing the Tab key jumps to the next instance of what you’re searching for.


GleeBox also has its own tab manager with which you can open alternative page tabs, but that’s only included in the Chrome version of the extension. Press the . key with the gleeBox text box closed, and a tab manager should open as in the shot below. To close the gleeBox text box, and tab manager, you should press the Esc key. When the tab manager is open press the arrow keys to flick through the tabs, and press enter to open a selected tab.


To further customize gleeBox, enter !options in the text box. That opens the gleeBox Options page below where you can adjust its size and theme. Click the Appearance option, and then one or two of the alternative size and theme check-boxes.


Overall, gleeBox is among the most innovative browser extensions I’ve found. With it you can effectively browse websites with keyboard shortcuts. For a full list of gleeBox keyboard shortcuts, check out this page.

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