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How to use Windows 7 wallpapers on Windows Vista desktop [Tip]

Windows 7 themes have some great wallpapers, and they’re not just limited to that platform. In fact, if you have Vista or XP you can also add the Windows 7 themes and wallpapers to your desktop. All that’s required is a copy of the 7-zip file archiver which you can add to Windows from this website. [1]

Once you have added the 7-zip file archiver to Windows, check out the Windows 7 theme [2]site here; and click the Compatible with Windows 7 link. There it states, “Windows themes work only in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT 8.1.” However, that’s not entirely true.

Click on a Download option under one of the Windows 7/8 themes, and save the themepack file to a suitable folder. Then open its folder location, and right-click the theme’s file. Select 7-zip and then Extract to “theme name.” In the shot below the theme title is MountRainerChristopherDElliott.

windows 7 themes [3]

Then you should open the extracted folder in the shot below. Click the DesktopBackground subfolder, and then select a wallpaper to open. Right-click the Windows 7 theme wallpaper, and select Set as Desktop background to add it to the desktop.

windows 7 theme2 [4]

You can also add the wallpaper to Windows Vista as a theme. Right-click the desktop, click Personalize and Themes. From the Theme Settings window’s drop-down list select browse, and then the Windows 7 theme file. Then click Apply and OK to make it your desktop theme.

Windows 7 themes 3 [5]

Of course, Vista doesn’t have the Windows 7 slideshow option. However, you can add desktop wallpaper slideshows to Vista with the freeware Wallpaper Slideshow LT [6] software in the shot below. From the Wallpaper Slideshow LT window click the Add option to open the Windows 7 wallpaper theme folder. Click the Change Every check-box, and choose a suitable time interval for the wallpapers to switch to the next image in the slideshow.

windows 7 themes4 [7]

Then you can have a Windows 7 wallpaper slideshow on your Vista desktop! There’s some great Windows 7 themes and wallpapers to pick from, and you can also add their wallpapers to the Vista as part of a modified theme.