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How to add watermarks to OpenOffice text documents [Guide]

Watermarks are faded background text or images that display behind the text in a document. Unlike MS Word OpenOffice’s word processor doesn’t have a specific watermark option. However, with the software’s page formatting options, and an image editing package such as Paint.NET [1], you can still add a custom text watermark to OpenOffice [2]documents.

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a background watermark image with a photo editing package. Paint.NET is freeware software that has plenty of image editing options. With that software open a blank document, and then click Tools and Text. Before you enter any text, click on the Windows > Color¬†options to open the palette below. There you should choose a light gray text color for the watermark.

watermark1 [3]

You can then add some watermark text such as copyright. Expand the text size by selecting a number from the font size drop-down list. Position the text by selecting the square at the bottom right of the text, and then drag it to a suitable document position.

watermark2 [4]

You can also alter the text’s direction by selecting Image > Rotate 90 Clockwise. Alternatively, click Layers > Custom Zoom to open the window below. There you alter the direction by entering a number in the Angle box.

watermark 3 [5]

Click File > Save, and save the watermark text document as an image file such as JPG. Then open OpenOffice’s word processor, and a suitable document to add the watermark to. Click Format and Page to open the window in the shot below.

watermark 4 [6]

There you should click Browse, and then open the watermark image file. Click the Position check-box, and center the watermark text in the middle of the page. Then click OK to close the window and add the watermark to the document as below.

watermark5 [7]

There you have it! With Paint.NET you can set up a variety of watermarks to add to OpenOffice document page backgrounds. Add the watermarks to documents to make their status clear.