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Update on e-mail issue and new way to follow dotTech

Thank you to everyone that provided me feedback on the e-mail issue [1] I have been dealing with lately. Based on my efforts at trying to fix this issue and the feedback from dotTechies, I have come up with a few tips that everyone should follow that (hopefully) will help alleviate this e-mail problem:

In addition, I made a couple of changes to the e-mail notifications:

Many times people told me that “they were not receiving notifications”. When I looked up their account, they would only be subscribed to, for example, GOTD Reviews only. So when an article was posted about Freebies, they would not get an e-mail notification and thus tell me the notifications system was not working when in reality it was working… that person just didn’t subscribe to that specific category of notifications. Therefore, now I have eliminated the choice of category for e-mail notifications. Now it is an all or nothing – you either sign up for e-mail notifications and receive e-mails about all articles posted on dotTech, or you don’t sign up for e-mail notifications and receive no e-mails about any articles posted on dotTech.

I realize that this isn’t particularly fair to everyone – and I apologize for that – but this is the best way I found to solve this issue. As Ronald Coase may say, this way is the one that maximizes society’s welfare as a whole.

Feel free to contact me [7] or post below if you still have any problems.