How to find six YouTube Easter eggs [Tip]

Easter eggs come in various shapes and sizes, and I’m not talking about those of a chocolate variety! Numerous software packages and websites have their own collection of Easter eggs. In this article I told you about the Google.come Easter eggs, and YouTube also has a variety that you can unlock. Let’s take a look.


Some of YouTube’s Easter eggs add extra buttons to the video player. To add a new Tape Mode button to the YouTube video player, open a video page and paste the following to the end of the URL: &vhs=1&nohtml5=1. Press Enter, play the video on the page and click on the Tape Mode button to show the clip in classic videotape style as below.

YouTube easter egg


This is an Easter egg that automatically skips the first 30% of YouTube videos when you play them. Open a YouTube video page, and add the following to the end of the video URL in the address bar: &wadsworth=1. Once you have pasted that string to end of the video URL, press Enter and play the video on the page. The first 30% of the video will then be skipped.


Star Trek fans will love this one. Enter Beam me up, Scotty into the YouTube search box. The video list is then shown using a Star Trek effect that beams up the videos on the search result page as in the shot below.

YouTube easter egg2


This one adds a wavy Star Wars effect to the YouTube search result page. To activate this Easter egg, enter Use the force, Luke in YouTube’s search box.

youtube easter egg5


This is my favorite YouTube Easter egg. Input Do the Harlem Shake in the YouTube search box to activate it. That plays the Harlem Shake song, and the videos on the search result page shake. Click on the button to the right of the YouTube logo to mute or pause the Harlem Shake.

Youtube easter egg3


For this Easter egg open any video, paste &pow=1&nohtml5=1 to the end of the page URL and then press Enter. You should then find a new POW button at on the video toolbar. Play the video and click on the button to show it in a comic book style.

Youtube easter egg4

Those are six fantastic YouTube Easter eggs. They add some great effects to YouTube’s videos and search result page.

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