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How to save highlighted text to a document file in Firefox [Tip]

To save a small snippet of text from a website, you would usually copy and paste it to a text document. However, there’s a better way to save text from Web pages. Add the Save Text To File extension to Firefox that saves highlighted text to a file in the specified directory.

This is the Save Text to File add-on page [1]. There click on the + Add to Firefox button and Install Now to add it to the browser. Then there will be a Save Text to File button at the top right of the browser window as below.

Save text [2]

Now select some text to save with the cursor. Click on the Save Text to File button to open the options in the shot below. At the top is a small preview window that shows the copied text. Drag the bottom right corner of the text box to expand it.

Save text2 [3]

Click on the File name and Path to file text boxes to enter a title for the document and choose a folder location. Below that there are various check boxes that you can select to add/remove details from the text document. For example, select the Date Stamp check box to add a date to the document.

Next click the Save button to save the copied text. It saves as a Notepad text document, which you can open with most word processors. Open the folder you saved it to, and click on the document to open it as below.

Save text3 [4]

So there you have it! Now you can save snippets of text from website pages without copying and pasting.