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How to block a website in Chrome [Tip]

By learning how to block certain websites in Chrome, you can restrict the number of websites that other users can visit. One good example of this is when you are sharing your computer with other people. If you have kids, then you can easily prevent them from visiting various sites that they aren’t supposed to visit while they’re doing their homework.

Just follow the steps listed below to learn how to block specific websites in Chrome.

Block a site or page in Chrome

Block site for Chrome [2]

add site to block list Chrome [3]

add site to block list Chrome b [4]

So that’s it. You’re done.

Just keep in mind that every time you visit a blocked site, you will be redirected to Google’s home page. You can also opt to redirect a blocked site to another site.

Additional tips:

To unblock a site, just click the red “X” button next to the site that you wish to unblock.

To prevent others from deleting an entry from your list of blocked sites, don’t forget to set a password. You can set a password by going to the “Uninstall Protection” tab.

To make the extension work in Incognito, just go back to your browser’s extensions page then look for Blocked Sites. Check the “Allow in incognito” option right under it.