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How to find lost Windows product key [Tip]

The Windows product key is a 25-digit code that comes with the operating system. It is required to activate Windows. As such, you cannot reinstall Windows without the product key. If you’ve lost your product key, this is how you can quickly find it again.

ProduKey is a Nirsoft utility with which we can find the Windows product key, and a few others for Microsoft packages. Open this page [1] and click on Download Produkey with full install/uninstall support to add it to Windows. Then click the ProduKey exe to open the window in the shot below.

productXkey [2]

The software lists your Windows product key and ID. It will also tell you the product keys and IDs for other Microsoft software such as Internet Explorer and MS Office. It will show you the product keys for the following software:

Now, save the product key and ID. Click the Save Selected Items disk icon to save the product key details. That saves the product key details to a text file as in the shot below.

productXkey2 [3]

So now you can quickly find the product keys for Microsoft packages. With them you can re-install a variety of software packages.