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How to duplicate tabs in Firefox [Tip]

Browsers such as Chrome include a Duplicate option on the tab context menu. When you select that option a duplicate tab opens on the tab bar. However, Firefox does not have a duplicate option on the tab context menu. Nevertheless, there’s still a couple of ways that you can duplicate tabs in Firefox.

You can add an option that duplicates tabs to Firefox with the Simply TabCopy add-on. Open this page [1] and click on the + Add to Firefox > Install Now buttons to add it the browser. Then restart the Firefox browser.

Open a website page in Firefox, and then right-click to open the context menu. The context menu will then include a Duplicate Tab option on it as in the shot below. Click on that option to duplicate the page tab.

duplicateXtab [2]

Alternatively, you can also duplicate page tabs without any Firefox add-on. Move the cursor to the page tab on the tab bar, and then press and hold Ctrl key. Left-click the mouse and a small tab window then becomes visible as in the shot below.

duplicateXtabX2 [3]

Drag that tab window to an alternative position on the tab bar. Then let go of the Ctrl key and mouse button. A duplicate of the page tab is then added to the bar as below.

duplicateXtabX3 [4]

So with TabCopy we can add a duplicate tab option to Firefox. There are also alternative Firefox add-ons such as Duplicate Tab [5]. However, that add-on is not available for Firefox 32.