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How to start a private group chat via email [Tip]

Group emails are nice especially if you’re talking about your work or group projects but what if you want to level up your options? Like, for example, having an option to preview links, maps, videos and images without opening another tab or window? If that is the case, then you might want to consider the option of starting a private and secure chat via email. How? Simply read on.

How to start a private group chat via email

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Inviting friends

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So that’s it. If your friends click on the link that’s included in the invitation, they will be taken to your private group chat so you can start chatting with them just like the way that you do when you’re on Skype, Line or Google Hangouts.

Just keep in mind that with Chat.cc, you can preview links, images, videos, maps, etc. without having to open a separate tab or window. You can also create as many conversations as you want.