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Ask dotTechies: What is your favorite freeware software?

In the huge world of software, there is a huge difference between paid-for software and freeware software.  However, in each realm there are massive, headache-inducing numbers of choices and qualities.  Free software is probably the second most popular thing to review on dotTech–there are 135 articles on them [1] as of the time of writing this!  After all, free things are a lot of time really great (although some times, they’re just worse as opposed to being bad).   Today, I ask you on Ask dotTechies [2], what is your favorite piece of freeware software?

If I had to choose one or two, I’d say that my favorite would have to be either GIMP or Firefox.  With GIMP, it’s like I don’t have to pay for Photoshop (although it is completely different in how you use it, it has the same basic functionality if you spend enough time learning it)! However, without Firefox I’d have to use Google Chrome or another browser.

Like the two of the last three [3]Ask dotTechies [4], there is no poll for this thread; rather please share your input via the comments below: what is your favorite piece of freeware software?