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How to remove duplicate lines from a text file in Windows [Tip]

If you’re constantly working with text files, you will eventually encounter some that contains duplicate entries or lines. These lines may be encoded by mistake so you’ll definitely need to edit and clean up your files. The thing is removing duplicate lines from multiple text files can be quite tedious so you might want to consider learning how to automatically remove duplicate or redundant entries from your text files. How? Simply read on.

How to automatically remove duplicate lines from a text file in Windows

DuplicateXLineXRemover [2]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXb [3]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXc [4]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXd [5]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXe [6]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXf [7]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXg [8]

DuplicateXLineXRemoverXh [9]

So that’s it. Go to the folder where your source file and output file are located. Compare both files to see the difference.