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How to create a photo catalog collection in Windows [Tip]

If you collect something, it might be handy to keep a record of the items in your collection. You could set up a database, but the applications don’t have options to add photos to records. To set up a collection catalog with a variety of photos, check out the Collector Notepad software.

Collector Notepad is a software package with which you can set up a collection catalog. In addition, you can also add up to three photos to each record within the catalog. Press the Free Download button on this page [1] to add the software to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Then open the software’s window in the shot below.

catalogue software2 [2]

Now click on File > New to set up a new catalog. Enter a title for the catalog and press the OK button. That will then open the window in the shot below.

catalog software7 [3]

Press the New exhibit button at the bottom of the window to add an item to the catalog. Click the First Photo, Second Photo and Third Photo button to add a triumvirate of item photographs to the catalog. Then you can enter a title for the item, and extra notes in the text boxes on the pages as in the shot below.

catalogue software [4]

When you’ve added one item, you can add many more much the same. Press View to browse through your collection catalog. There you can sort added items by selecting Acquirement Priority, Entry Priority or Title.

catalogue software6 [5]

The software doesn’t have many customization options. However, you can switch to an alternative skin. Click Tools > Settings, Skins and then select Dark skin as below.

catalogue software7 [6]

So forget about database software. With Collector Notepad you can set up visual catalogs of your collected items. It has all the options a collector will need to keep track of their collections.