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How to add a Paste and Search option in Firefox [Tip]

In a previous article [1] I told you about Firefox’s Paste and Go option. That’s an option that copies selected text into the address box. However, you can’t copy any other text into alternative search boxes with Firefox’s Paste and Go option. Chrome has a Paste and Submit option that enables users to paste text into any input field, and you can add a similar option to Firefox with Paste and Search (Forms) reloaded.

You’ll find Paste and Search (Forms) reloaded on the Firefox add-on website [2]. There click the + Add to Firefox button to install the extension. There’s no requirement to restart the browser for this add-on.

Next, select some text to copy into any search box by holding the left mouse button and dragging over the text. Press the Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut to copy the text to the Windows Clipboard. When you right-click a search box on a page, you’ll find a Paste and Search option on the context menu as below.

paste and search [3]

Now select the Paste and Search option on the context menu. That will paste the copied text into the search box, and then open a page listing pages that match the keywords. You can paste copied text into any input fields with the Paste and Search option.

This is one of those options that Mozilla should have already added to Firefox. It would be good if they included a hotkey with the Paste and Search (Forms) reloaded add-on as well, but it’s still a handy addition to Firefox.