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How to search Amazon from right-click menu in Firefox [Tip]

Along with Google and Yahoo, Amazon is one of the most established websites. Those who often browse Amazon might find the Select and search for Amazon add-on a handy addition to the Firefox browser. That adds an Amazon search shortcut Firefox’s context menu.

Head over to the Mozilla add-ons website [1] to add the Select and search for Amazon extension to Firefox. Press the Add to Firefox button on the add-on’s page and then click Install Now. The extension is listed on Firefox’s add-on page (press Ctrl + Shift + A) as willpowell8 (2).

Next, select some text on a website page and right-click to open the Firefox context menu. You’ll find that the context menu now includes a Search Amazon for selection option as in the shot below. Go ahead and press that option to open an Amazon search result page.

Amazon [2]

The Amazon page will then open with a list of search results for the text you selected. Consequently, the text is effectively a search box keyword. Here are a few keywords that you can try the Select and search for Amazon add-on out on:

Amazon2 [3]

Without a doubt, this extension adds a great Amazon search shortcut to Firefox. Now you can browse Amazon without opening the website from your favorites or entering keywords into the site’s search box.