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How to turn off auto-correct in Android [Tip]

Most Android devices have a built-in auto-correct feature. With auto-correct, your texts and instant messages will be automatically corrected as you type. The thing is there’s also a high chance that you could be sending the wrong messages to your recipients.

Why so? Well, let’s just say that you wanted to type “hands” but because of auto-correct, you ended up typing “handle”. It’s such an annoyance especially when you’re in a real-time conversation with friends. So if you want to avoid these troublesome instances, it would be best to turn off the auto-correct feature in your Android smartphone or tablet.

How to turn off auto-correct in Android

turn off auto-correct android [1]

turn off auto-correct android b [2]

It’s that simple.

Anyways, auto-correct isn’t totally annoying. It can be quite handy for automatically correcting misspelled words. Even so, don’t expect that it can accurately predict the words that you type especially when you’re using a lot of text messaging jargons.