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How to create website banners online [Guide]

Lots of websites and blogs have banners at the top that include titles. A website design package is not essential to add banners to pages. You can instead set up banners from the BannerFans website, and then input their code in your website or blog.

Open the BannerFans website [1] in the shot below. Then click Create Banner to open the banner editor options. That includes five tabs for Layout, Text & Fonts, Shadow & Effects, Border and Format.

BannerFan [2]

Firstly, add the background to the banner from the Layout tab. There you can select Use solid color or Use gradient color fill options to add alternative background colors. If you click Use gradient color, select a gradient mode such as Horizontal, Vertical, Circle or Square. In addition, you can also add background images to the banner by selecting the I want to upload my own image option and pressing the Browse button. Press the Update my Banner at the bottom of the page to apply any editing.

Bannerfan2 [3]

To enter new banner text, click the Text and Fonts tab below. Enter a main title in line 1 and any additional text in the second line. Click the > arrows to select alternative fonts, colors, sizes and to rotate the text.

Bannerfan3 [4]

Add a shadow effect to the fonts by clicking the Shadow & Effects tab below. There click the > arrows under Shadow position to alter the shadow’s position. Then select the > arrows under Distance to adjust the shadow’s distance from the text.

Bannerfan4 [5]

You can also select four alternative borders for the banner. Click Borders to open the tab in the shot below. There you can select to add a Solid, Dashed, Double Solid or Double dashed border to the banner.

Bannerfan5 [6]

Next, click Format to choose a file format for the banner if you planning on saving it. You can save it by clicking the Download banner button at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, press the Get the Codes button to open the HTML required to add the banner straight onto your website or blog. Then you can copy and paste that HTML code with the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V hotkeys.

Bannerfan6 [7]

Now you can quickly set up a variety of banners for your website or blog from the BannerFans website without any extra software. It’s not essential to register on the site, but if you do you can access a wider variety options.