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How to split or cut MP3 files [Tip]

Another dotTech article [1] told you about how to merge MP3 files. You can also do the opposite and split MP3s up into smaller files. MP3Splitter is a freeware package that you can add to Windows to split MP3 audio files.

Open this page [2]and click the Mp3Splitter 1.0.0 BIN.zip to save the Zip to Windows. It’s a portable tool that works on most versions of Windows including XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Then right-click the Zip and select Extract All from the context menu. Choose a suitable path for an extracted folder, and then press the Extract button. Open the extracted folder, and click Mp3SplitterGui.exe to open the window below.

split MP3 [3]Next, click File and select Add files from the menu. Then select an MP3 to split from the Open window. Click Settings to open the tab in the shot below.

Split MP32 [4]There select the Enable splitting check box. Then enter a value in the Duration per file (min) text box. For example, enter 1 in that text box to split the MP3 at one minute intervals.

Now press the Start splitting option at the top left of the window. That will split the MP3 into smaller segments as below. It will save it in the c:\tmp\mp3_split folder, but you enter an alternative path in the output directory text box.

Split MP33 [5]

So this software will come in handy for splitting larger MP3 files. For example, with MP3Splitter you can cut audio books, podcasts and multiple song MP3s down to size. In addition, the program also has options that re-encode MP3 files.