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How to automatically add videos to search in Chrome [Tip]

When searching for a particular content online, you could either look for supplementary resources such as images and videos. Speaking of the latter, wouldn’t it be better if you can at least have the video alongside with the results from your web search? Right now, that isn’t possible with Google Search. So you either have to click the “Video” tab or simply search for the video separately in video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Fortunately, there’s a simpler workaround that can be done through the help of a third-party Chrome browser extension. So if you wish to immediately view a video while you search, just read the rest of this post.

How to view videos while you search in Chrome

Wibe for Chrome [2]

Wibe for Chrome 2 [3]

It’s that simple.

With the said extension, you can easily view movie trailers, product reviews, video game walkthroughs, etc. without having to go to the actual YouTube site. It’s a very convenient tool for doing web search.