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How to share content to nearby users in Android [Tip]

Plague App for Android [1]In the world of social media, users are used to sharing content through their friends and followers. If you’re lucky, your content could become viral. Speaking of which, there’s one app that takes viral content to a whole new level. It’s an app called “Plague”.

What is Plague? It’s basically an app that’s designed to spread information online in a totally different way. Instead of likes and shares, it spreads your content like a virus to infect other users. So if you’re content has what it takes to go viral, you can infect not just your entire community but even the entire world!

How to share content to nearby users in Android (and make it go viral)

Plague app for Android b [3]

Plague app for Android c [4]

So that’s basically it. Take note that each of your posts spread to at least four nearby users. Furthermore, the app does not revolve on friends or followers so you cannot ask for likes or views just to make your post go viral.