How to automatically browse for videos based on your mood [Tip]

Most video sites have a default search option. You could use filters and keywords to narrow down your search. You can even choose to browse by playlists or channels. You can also add videos to your favorites. However, there’s no option that would allow you to browse by mood or category.

If you want an option that’s similar to the mood playlists by Spotify but for videos, you can consider this tip.

How to automatically browse for videos based on your mood

  • Click and open this link on your preferred web browser. The link will take you to “5by” – a web app that describes itself as your video concierge.
  • Once you’re on 5by, you will be greeted by a welcome page wherein you will be asked to pick a category such as Sports Fan, Exploring, Geeking Out, Cheering You Up, etc. Apparently, you can just pick any category that you like based on your mood.

5by video concierge b

  • Once you’ve picked a category, the web app will once again ask you to select among its category branches. For example, if you choose “Making You Laugh”, 5by will show you additional categories such as Break, Comedy Skits, Fail, Funny and Pranks.

5by video concierge c

  • After choosing a category, the web app will automatically load and play a video. You can watch one video at a time and in random order. You can also use the forward, pause and back buttons to skip or return to the previous video.
  • That’s not all. You can also add videos to favorites or even watch them in full screen view.

5by video concierge

Just keep in mind that 5by does not only generate videos from YouTube. It will also show videos from other video hosting sites such as Vimeo and DailyMotion.

If you want, you can also download and install 5by on your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.

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