How to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 with TaiG in iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch [Tip]

taig-jailbreakWe have witnessed three major jailbreak releases in the past year from the China region. The first was the Pangu jailbreak, the second TaiG and the last is the PP jailbreak tool which jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 just like we have here. Both methods work as well as each other; the choice is yours to make. If you prefer checking out the PP tool you can follow the link through to the guide on that I made yesterday.

There are two main issues with using Chinese tools for jailbreaking. The first is that it usually comes in Chinese text which means it’s easy to make a mistake. Make sure you read through our steps carefully and click the right buttons. The second problem is they have their own Chinese application store which most people out West strongly discourage installing because of malware warnings. Make sure you uncheck the box so you do not install the Chinese app store.


The following is only for iOS devices which can successfully run iOS 8.1.2. That cuts of the iPhone from iPhone 4 down and several other devices in Apple’s line up. Basically, if you are not running iOS 8.1.2 then you cannot jailbreak the same. You can check what software your device is currently work with by navigating to Settings > General > Software version.


  • Backup the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes or iCloud. iTunes will sync the device so all the pictures, music, video and phone contacts are backed up from your account.
  • You must have an iTunes account setup to use it to backup the device. the default settings will sync the device for you after connecting it with iTunes.
  • Disable the “find my iPhone” feature from the Settings menu.
  • Disable the Touch ID and Passcode from the Settings menu.
  • You must use the program on Windows PCs only. TaiG does not work for Apple Mac OS X or Linux machines at the time of writing this post. Since the Redmond company is the most popular desktop OS in the world, the third-party developers made the tool to work with Windows.


  1. Download the TaiG tool from here.
  2. Right click over the zip file and select the “extract” option.
  3. Right-click the executable file and choose to run as administrator.
  4. Uncheck the second box on the screen.
  5. Click the large green button on the next screen.
  6. Wait for the flashing to finish.
  7. You will have Cydia pre-installed on your device when it reboots.

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