How to add a mortgage calculator in Opera [Tip]

Spreadsheet software such as Excel would probably be the most obvious application to set up a mortgage calculator with. However, the Mortgage Calculator extension for Opera browser is a better alternative. That adds a mortgage calculator to the browser to calculate mortgage, or loan, instalments with.

Press the Add to Opera button on this page to install the extension. Then you’ll find the Mortgage Calculator extension button on the browser’s toolbar. Press that button to open the Mortgage Calculator window shown in the shot below.


Then enter the mortgage total in the Loan Amount text box. Enter a mortgage period in the Loan Term text boxes. Below that you should also input the mortgage or loan interest rate. Click the Payable drop-down list to select an instalment period such as monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc.


Press the Calculate button on the window. Then it will tell you what the regular mortgage payment should be as in the shot below. Below that it provides you with a mortgage schedule that shows you how it will be cleared over the time period you entered in the Loan Term text box. At the bottom of the window it tells you the overall mortgage total inclusive of interest.


So this extension gives you a much quicker way to calculate a mortgage than spreadsheet application quite simply because it’s already set up for you. Note that you can use the calculator for any time of loan whether mortgage or note. You can also add the extension to Firefox from this page.

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