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How to convert DWG files to PDF online [Tip]

DWG files are usually used in saving designs that were made from CAD software and applications like AutoCAD and DraftSight. If your work involves processing and sharing a lot of DWG files, you might want to consider the option of converting them as PDF files.

By converting DWG files to PDF, you can easily share them to your clients and contacts without requiring the other party to install or run CAD applications like AutoCAD.

How to convert DWG files to PDF online

convert DWG to PDF b [2]

convert DWG to PDF c [3]

convert DWG to PDF d [4]

convert DWG to PDF e [5]

convert DWG to PDF [6]

That’s it. You’re done. Just remember that with PDFaid DWG to PDF converter, you can only upload DWG files with a maximum file size of 20MB.