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How to add borders and frames to photos online [Tip]

Do you wish to edit your photos by adding simple borders? How about adding frames? With frames, you can make your photos look more stylish and elegant. Frames are also great for sharing photos with themes.

Given today’s wide range of photo editors, you’ll definitely find it easier to add frames and borders to your photos. Even so, you might still prefer something quick and easy. If that is the case, then you can use certain online photo editing tools like Tuxpi and LoonaPix.

How to add borders to photos (the easy way) with Tuxpi

Tuxpi a [2]

Tuxpi b [3]

Tuxpi c [4]

How to add frames to photos with LoonaPix

LoonaPix a [6]

LoonaPix b [7]

LoonaPix c [8]

LoonaPix d [9]

That’s it. You’re done.