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How to search Wikipedia from the Chrome toolbar [Tip]

If Wiki is one your bookmarked websites, check out the Wiki Lookup extension for Google Chrome. That extension adds a Wiki search option to the browser’s toolbar. With the extension you can then search for and open Wiki pages directly from the Google Chrome toolbar.

Click here [1] to open the Wiki Lookup extension page. Press the + Free button on that page to install this extension. Then you’ll find a W Wiki Lookup button on the toolbar as shown in the shot below.

Wiki Lookup2 [2]

Now press that button to open the search box in the shot below. That’s a Wikipedia search box which you can enter keywords in. For example, enter a keyword such as Google Chrome into the search box.

Wiki Lookup3 [3]

Next, press the button on the right of the Wiki Lookup search box. That will then search for matching pages. If it finds a Wiki page that directly matches the keyword entered, the page opens in a separate pop-up window as shown below. So this opens Wiki alongside another page in the same window.

Wiki lookup [4]

The extension doesn’t have many customization options. You can right-click the Wiki button and select Options to open the tab in the shot below. From there you can select alternative language settings from the drop-down list.

So if Wiki is one of your favorite websites this extension should be a great addition to Google Chrome. With it you can now search for and open Wiki pages directly from the browser’s toolbar, which is a handy shortcut.