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How to move the taskbar icons to the center in Windows 7 [Tip]

By default, the Windows 7 icons are placed on the left of the taskbar. Windows 7 doesn’t have any options to center those taskbar icons. However, you can center the taskbar icons with TaskDock.

You can add TaskDock to Windows 7 from this page [1]. There press the Download button to save the Zip to Windows. Extract the file, which is in Zip format, by right-clicking on it and then select¬†Extract All. Open the program from the extracted folder. Then you’ll find a TaskDock icon around the system tray area as shown below.

TaskDock5 [2]

Now right-click that icon and select Config Centering. That will open a small green arrow on the desktop as shown below. Then you should drag that arrow so that it points to a position in the center of the taskbar.

taskdock2 [3]

Next, double-click that green arrow. That will move the icons to the center of the taskbar as shown in the shot below.

taskdock [4]

In addition, you can also open a list of running applications. Right-click the TaskDock icon on the system tray and select View Tasks from the context menu. That will open the window in the shot below.

taskdock4 [5]

So with TaskDock you can move the window icons into the center of the taskbar. To close the app, and restore the icons on the taskbar to default, right-click the software’s system tray icon and select Exit.